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8. sınıf ingilizce teog deneme 3-4-5-6-7 üniteler

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Sitemize 13 Mart 2016 tarihinde eklenmiş ve kişi tarafından ziyaret edilmiş.

1- The weather warm and mild even in winter in Ankara.The ..……has changed a lot.
a-population b-location
c-hot d-climate

2-During my last trip to Adıyaman l ate many different kind of foods. For example Bumbar, İçli Köfte etc. These kind of ………are excellent.
a- Çiğ Köfte b- Dishes
c- Buildings d- Ancients

3- Ünal:You should definetely visit Antalya.
Faruk: l will not g oto Antal just for sandy beaches.
Ünal: It’s not for only sandy beaches. There are also ………Such as sailing, hang gliding, surfing and scuba diving
a-hotels b-hostels
c-recreational activities d-accomadation

4-Emrah: My favorite tourist ……is Bursa.It is a city along the seaside of Marmara coast in Northwest of Turkey.
a- Attractions b-destination
c- Climate d-palace

5-Gaziantep has a rich ………You can try Baklava and Kebap there.
a-vacation b- buy
c- all inclusive d-cuisine

6-Adıyaman is ……….in the Southeast of Turkey. It has a continental climate.
a-located b-dishes
c-well known d- cuisine

7-All the base jumpers should take some …… before they get injuried.
a-safety items b-Mobile phone
c- First aid kit d-extreme sport

8-…………can save your life if you get injured and have to wait for medical help
a-shoes and ankle protection b-helmet
c-first aid kit d-trainers

9- Sinan:……….
Kevser:Today more than half million people interested in with this sport.
a-What are some examples of adventure sports?
b-What is base jumping?
c- How many people are interested in adventure sports?
d-How many people are interested in Rock climbing?

10- Which is a right choose?
1-heart stopping
a- the state of not being harmfull
b- extremely shcoking or exciting
c- Hard hat that protect your head
a- 1-a 2-b 3-c b- 1-b 2-c 3-a
c- 1-b 2-a 3-c d- 1-c 2-b 3-a

11- Didem:Running is an easy but boring sport.So l prefer more challenging ones. Such as rock climbing and canoing.
Naz: So are you …..
Didem: No but l like adventure.
a- a sport player? b- a good cook?
c- an adventure seker? d- hang glider?

12- My last trip was full of adventure. l had limited budget so l flew with……..l began to …….. photos at the plane.At th hotel l tried diffrent dishes and ……..was delicious.
a- try – take – local food
b- economy class – shopping – post cards
c- economy class – take – local food
d- plane – museum – local food

13- Emrah………….?
Altuğ: It was wonderfull. The scenery was fantastic, and the weather was great.
a- how was your dishes?
b- How was your lessons?
c- how was your vacation?
d- how was your last meal?

14- Pınar: ………..
Emrah: They jump over building stairs and special movements.
a-What do they need to do the activity?
b-What country did it start?
c-What are some things parkour runners do?
d-What are their hobbies?

15- Teenagers internet usage
Search information
Chat online
Do homework
Once or twice a week
At least once a day
At least once a day
Several times a week
Once or twice a month
Which is wrong according to the chart?
a- Both of them chat online at least once in a month
b-Teenagers among 12-15 are using the internet to study lesson
c-Teenagers among 12-15 are searching for information one or two times a week.
d- Teenagers among 15-18 are doing homework every day


Yukarıdaki resimlere göre gençler internette ne yapmaz?
a-listen to music b- use social media
c-send e mails d-online shopping

17- Mehmet ……………..
Serhat: l usually make live chats and do homework.
a- How do you use the internet?
b- Do you make live chats or practice english?
c- Do you listen to music?
d- What are you hobbies on school?

18- Berfin: Hi Beyza. It’s Berfin. I have a problem with my internet connection.Can you help me?
Beyza: I can try to solve it. Do you have …….on your screen?
Berfin: No l haven’t.There is an error.It writes ‘’No internet connection’’
Beyza: I got it. Please check your ……….It is between the modem and your system unit.
a- problem – Smart phone
b- system unit – internet
c- connection cable – connection sign
d- connection sign – connection cable

19- How often do you check you e-mail?
 How many hours do you spend online?
 Do you have a mobile device connected to the internet?
Are you always online?
Hangisi yukarıdaki soruların cevaplarından değildir?
a- l use internet to send e mails
b-Yes l have a smart phone.
c- l use internet half an hour in a day.
d- l look for my electronşc mails once or two times in a day

Which is wrong according to the chart?
a- More people use the internet at the ages 9-11
b- As the people get older they use less
c- Age is important at the internet usage.
d-People who use internet between 15-17 are less than others

21- Some Internet sites allow you to create online identities. By using these identities you can chat,share photos and tell people about yourself. They are known as……..
a-internet addicts b-internet users
c-social networks d-safe sites

22-Boşluklara sırasıyla hangi kelimeler gelmelidir?
 ….. the people who make you upset.
Don’t share your …….. except your family.
Be careful what you share. Never give …..your personal information
 Tell your …. if you see bad online behavior
a- Add – feelings – password – parents
b- Ignore – password – strangers – parents
c- Family- ignore – password – share
d- share – password – family – parents

23- Paragrafta hangi sorunun cevabı yoktur?

Last week l have bought a new smart phone. It is 5.5 inches. It is 257 gr. It has a very good touch screen. It can recognise your handwriting. It also have translater.It can translate English to Turkish and Turkish to English. Makes travelling around the world a fantastic experience.
a- How much is that device?
b-What is special fort he screen?
c- What are it is technical specifications?
d- Can you carry it?

24- My grandmother can’t read or write.Because she has never gone to school.But if you leave her a ………..she can listen it from the device.
a-text message b-message note
c-e-mail d-voicemail

25-26-27 Soruları paragrafa göre cevaplayınız.
Australia has a lot of cattle and sheep, so beef and lamb are very popular. A typical meal is a beef steak with green salad and chips. Seafood is also very popular. Thanks to their low prices, fish and chips shops are very popular in Australia and New Zealand.
In both countries there is nothing better to eat on a cold day than a hot meat pie with tomato sauce. However, throughout the whole year people like having barbeques. There are barbeque sites everywhere; by the beaches, in the parks and in the backyards of people’s homes. On a hot summer evening, people like getting together with family and friends and grill steak and fish.
Many Australians and New Zealanders have a sweet tooth – they like desserts and cakes. Lamington,a square cake covered in chocolate and coconut, or Anzac biscuit made from various oats are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee.

25- What is the typical dish for Australians?
a- beef steak with green salad and chips
b- Many Australians and New Zealanders have a sweet tooth
c- they like desserts and cakes
d- a square cake covered in chocolate and coconut

26- Why fish and chips shops are very popular in Australia?
a- people like having barbeques.
b- by the beaches, in the parks and in the backyards of people’s homes.
c- there is nothing better to eat on a cold day.
d-Because of their low prices

27- We can understand from the passage that many Australians and New Zealanders will maybe like……..
a- Yoghurt b- Lahmacun
c- Baklava d- Rice


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